20 Weeks!

Life has been crazy in so many ways and I’ve been a very bad blogger.

I couldn’t however let my halfway point go back without a post.

20 weeks and 2 days today.

Amazing anatomy scan this morning.

Snap Pea looked perfect in every way. Measured right on time, with all parts accounted for. Such a miracle after such a rocky start.


I looked really closely as the tech measured one thigh bone and then the other. When she focused on the “potty shot,” I got all teary – I knew right away – Snap Pea is another baby GIRL!

Such a pretty princess! She looks just like her big sister at this age 🙂

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Sequential Screen

12 Week (and 2 days) update:

No weight gain to date – weird for me, but baby is measuring on target 🙂

No baby bump to speak of yet.

Measurements all looked great on ultrasound!

A little disappointed the tech wouldn’t even look for gender, since we found out this early with the other 2, but she was adamant it was way too early 😦

Thrilled with how the baby looked! Lots of movement and (s)he kept waving a hand!

I cannot believe I won’t get another look for 8 more weeks!!

Recommendations for an at home doppler? Never had one with the other 2, but really want one now!

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Graduation Day!

I never thought this day would come with all the bleeding and bedrest, but thankfully Snap Pea is doing well and today was our last RE visit! I will miss the weekly ultrasounds, but I’m more than ready to just have a normal pregnancy.

Handsome boy is just ecstatic that he’s going to be a big brother x 2. Little Pea totally doesn’t understand what’s going on, but once Snap Pea arrives I’m sure she’ll be thrilled too – she loves babies!

Next up: First OB visit later today and then Sequential Screen in 2 weeks.

I continue on all my meds until 12 weeks – can’t wait to be finished with those! No weight gain yet, but I’m sure it’s coming soon!

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8 Weeks, 3 Days

Snap Pea looked great on ultrasound today! The SCH is still there, but is smaller and more clotty. I’ve finally been moved from bedrest to “light activity” as long as I don’t have any more bleeding. What a relief!

This has been such a crazy experience and I’m so relieved the end is in sight.

Can’t wait until my next ultrasound!

photo (4)

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Holding Pattern

It’s been a while since I had any bleeding. First bleed was at 5w5d, second was at 6w2d.

I’m still on bedrest even through I’m not actively bleeding, since the subchorionic bleed is measuring larger on ultrasound.

Snap Pea (the baby) is doing well with a heartbeat in the 120s at my last ultrasound at 7w2d.

Handsome Boy and Little Pea are adjusting to life with me out of commission. We are figuring out how to manage with the help of family and friends.

My RE is predicting at least 2 more weeks of this, maybe more. It could go on throughout the entire first trimester.

Still on all the meds and will be until 12 weeks.

Here is a picture of Snap Pea. The round circle is the yolk sac, the blob to the right of that is Snap Pea. The dark area in the bottom, left corner is the SCH.


Hoping for good news next week at my next appt.

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Good News and Bad

Let’s start with the bad…
I felt a gush of blood last Thursday, ran to the RE and was diagnosed with a subchorionic bleed. He put me on bedrest and thankfully the bleeding let up.

And now the good:
Went back today and we saw the start of a heartbeat.

And more bad:
Moments later started bleeding again. Back on bedrest. How will we manage?! Mr. Right can’t miss so much work! Who will take care of the kids?!

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Hello Baby!

Meet Snap Pea!

1 little one on ultrasound today – slight chance a second will show up by next week, but my gut tells me we’re having 1.


So thankful!



Bloodwork came back – Progesterone is 17.5, HCG is 3397

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