Infertility stinks.

Infertility stinks. Big time. It’s the white elephant in the room from the moment people ask, “Is he your only one?” referring to my 4 year old son. People just don’t understand secondary infertility. How was I able to have one so easily and not be able to follow him up with a sibling? No one asks – at least not out loud and not to me. But people talk and people wonder. And so, I decided to blog. A way to share my feelings, vent my frustrations, but all the while continue to keep cool in front of others and not crack under the pressure.

So join me in this crazy ride – the ups, the downs, all of it.

**For the sake of the privacy of my husband, my son, extended family, friends, and of course myself I will not be using real names on this blog. If you do by some chance figure out who I am or know my real name please respect my privacy and don’t share this with others who may know me too.**

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