Looking to the future

I’m putting the past behind me. Starting fresh. Forgetting all the past cycles, all those BFNs. IVF is a totally new ballgame. Still learning the rules of play.

I’m currently on birth control. Don’t really get how a round of birth control is going to help me get pregnant, but I’m trusting my doc. Apparently it has something to do with overriding my natural hormones and getting them to a level where they can manipulate them more effectively. Still, doesn’t something seem off to you? Birth control to GET pregnant?!

Anyway, 1 week of birth control down and 2 to go. No side effects that I notice, but you’ll have to ask Mr. Right about that…

About 2 weeks until injection training class – odd, since I’ve been doing this for a while, but it is a different combo of drugs and needles this time around this time around and I guess a refresher can’t hurt.

A few days later an ultrasound and bloodwork and assuming everything looks good we get to start stims!

Nervous and excited at the same time!!

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