Medication Overload

Those are my meds! Lots and lots of them! My fridge is fully stocked 🙂

Injection training went well and I was out of there in 20 min. Passed with flying colors. I guess after 5 rounds of Clomid with HCG shots and 4 injectable rounds with about 7-12 shots each I’m a pro.

Did I mention that we’re part of a research study which provides my meds for this round of IVF for free? Another perk – Everyone in this study uses the same meds – which are preloaded pens and syringes, so I don’t have to mix any meds except 1 dose of HCG. The needles are really fine, so they shouldn’t hurt much. Only 1 IM shot (the HCG), the rest are subQ. Best part – no progesterone in oil, which I hear is nasty. Instead I’ll be using a vaginal cream, which will be much easier and won’t hurt 🙂

More on the study at a later date…

Next step – baseline bloodwork and U/S on Wed! Eek! We’re really doing this!

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