Egg Retrieval will be Wed…no…Tuesday!

Went in for b/w and U/S this morning.

Lining was at 8.2 🙂 anything over 8 is good.

I had 5-7 follies on each side bwtn 16 and 17.5, around 5 more on each side btwn 12 and 16, and more smaller ones – total of 15-17 on each side.

My RE came in at the end, looked at the numbers and said Wed would be the day.

Surprise! Bloodwork came back and he changed it to Tue based on the E2 results! I trigger tonight at 10 and retrieval is set for 9 AM on Tue.

A little crazy!! I was assuming it would be Wed and was all set for that. My mind is having trouble with Tue – It’s sooooo close!!

We’ll hopefully be doing a day 5 transfer next Sunday! We will be transferring the best 2, freezing the rest. Praying those little embryos snuggle in deep for the next 9 months!

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