What a Day 2 Embryo Looks Like

The lab finally called – I thought they would call earlier since yesterday they called at 7:30AM, but today I didn’t hear from them until 8:40AM. All 11 embryos are growing well and are 2-4 cells now. There are no signs of fragmentation. (Little pieces of the cell that break off as the embryo divides. A little bit is normal, but too much decreases the odds of implantation.)

Just a little visual of what my little embryos look like today: (These are not mine, just photos I found using google images.)

 A 2-cell embryo on day 2

A 4-cell embryo on day 2.

This one is better b/c it’s dividing more rapidly.

The official word is that as of now it will most likely be a day 5 transfer! I’ll hear back later with an update, though.

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