Bedrest is a Bore…

Our embryo transfer went really smoothly today. We transfered 2 embryos, one was a blastocyte, and one still a morula (a little behind). Both just adorable, as you can tell from the photo below 😉 We had one other nice looking embryo and the rest were a little more behind in development. The lab will grow all the rest for another day and freeze any they feel are good enough. More on that tomorrow…

I’m on bedrest with bathroom privileges for 24 hours – so 18 more hours to go. I’m in no hurry to get back to work, but I admit bedrest is pretty boring. I’ve already watched a movie, read a book, and surfed the web. Thank goodness for smartphones 🙂

My beta is on the 30th, but that seems like forever away. I most likely will test sooner…

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