Another Poll :-)

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3 Responses to Another Poll :-)

  1. ahandley85 says:

    I really hope that it’s 2! That would be so exciting!

  2. ahandley85 says:

    P.s…My husband and I just had our first IVF consultation last week. I have no idea when we will start our first cycle, but we are so excited. Any tips on how to pay for it? Ours will be $17,000…

    • peas4ourpod says:

      We got VERY lucky in terms of payment. Our RE is also in that range once you add in meds, but we got onto a research study that he is doing. (I’ll talk about that more soon, since other people have asked…) Through that we qualified for free meds, a discount off the base cost of the cycle, and free ICSI. It ended up cutting the cost of the cycle in HALF. So if you can, try to get onto a study. I’ve also heard of people taking loans, or working out a payment plan with the RE. You can also ask about donated meds – I plan on donating my extra, unused Gonal-F pens from my IUIs once we’re sure this is a sticky pregnancy.

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