Tomorrow Is The Day!

Tomorrow is my ultrasound! I’m so anxious. I just need to know that the baby(s) are in the right spot and developing well. I wish DH could be there too, but he’s been out of town for work all week and won’t be back until tomorrow evening.

I know it’s most likely too early to see a heartbeat – I’ll be 5 wk 2 days, but you never know. I’ll try not to get anxious if there’s no heartbeat yet, but I think anyone who has gone through infertility and IVF cannot help it but worry until their baby is safely born.

My gut is telling me it’s 1 since one embryo was clearly stronger on ET day, but there’s a little voice that says it could still be two. In some ways I’d prefer 1 since the pregnancy will be easier and there will be less risk of pre-term delivery and all the complications that go with that. But, at the same time 2 would be a dream come true and most twins do very well.

One day left to vote on how many YOU think it is – see an earlier post below. To recap, my HCG at 12dp5dt (17 DPO) was 464 and at 15dp5dt (20DPO) was 1298. As per the nurse, “High for a single, low for twin.”

I’ll check back in tomorrow – hopefully with a pic of my little one(s)!

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One Response to Tomorrow Is The Day!

  1. Congratulations! I hope you get to hear the heartbeat(s) tomorrow! It is early so don’t stress if you don’t. Enjoy! 🙂

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