Just 3 hours until my appt!

Luckily I was able to arrange for a playdate for Handsome Boy since he has no school today and I really did not want to bring him… I try to avoid bringing him to appointments in general since many of the women at the RE are TTC #1 and I know it’s hurtful to see kids at the REs office. Today especially I don’t want to bring him because he is very smart and would probably figure out what’s going on really quickly. 4 year olds don’t really know how to keep secrets, so we’re not telling him until we’re ready to announce this pregnancy to the world.

I am most excited to tell him – more than anyone else – because he has been dreaming of being a big brother for so long now. I must remember to video it when we do tell him because I want to remember his reaction forever!

I’ll update more from the REs office!

Update 9:50 AM:
Sitting in the waiting room…

Update 10:12 AM:
Blood drawn, waiting for ultrasound…

Update 10:50 AM:
One beautiful little sac! Tech said a second may develop, they can’t always see it this early, but we most likely have 1 healthy embryo growing! Now waiting to see the doctor…

Update 11:00:
Doctor said everything looks great, chance of miscarrying once they see a sac is 12%, after seeing a heartbeat it goes down to 5%. Next appointment is Mon the 16th to check for a heartbeat!

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