8 Weeks!

I am 8 weeks pregnant today!

I’ve been feeling really good for the most part. Just getting nauseous in the evenings, but really nothing terrible – this has really been very similar to my pregnancy with Handsome Boy, which was a very easy pregnancy. (Horrible delivery, but hopefully it will be better this time around.)

I don’t know why, but I’m thinking girl… maybe it’s just because I want at least one of each to get to experience the joys each gender brings. I’m sure Handsome Boy would vote for another boy if he knew I am pregnant! He keeps asking if we can borrow his friend’s baby brothers! Honestly I’ll be thrilled either way. Little boys are totally snuggly and awesomely yummy 🙂 More than anything though, I just want this little one to be happy and healthy, regardless of pink or blue.

Anxiously awaiting my next appt. I just NEED to see the baby again and know everything is ok…

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