“Hello Baby, It’s Me – Your Big Brother!”

One little boy is VERY happy right now!

We sat Handsome Boy down last night, took out the big brother shirt I bought a few weeks ago, and asked him if he knew what it said. Being 4 he obviously needed some help reading it, so Mr. Right sounded out the words and you could see his eyes getting bigger. Then I asked him who he thought was going to be a big brother and he could barely get the words out. We showed him all the ultrasound pictures from yesterday. He was SO excited! He couldn’t believe the baby is already in my belly. He loved the picture of the baby sucking it’s thumb and later I showed him HIS ultrasound pics at the same age of him doing the same.

He had a zillion questions – When is the baby coming? Can it be a boy? Does the baby already have a heart? Is it beating? Can it hear us? Does it understand English, How does it pee and poop? The questions went on and on. He told us that if his baby toys are “disgusting” we need to “throw them out and buy brand new ones.”

He couldn’t stop putting his head against my belly and talking to the baby, gave it goodnight kisses before bed…

Then, this morning, he climbed right into bed with me, put his head on my belly, and said, “”Hello baby, it’s me – your big brother  – and I will take care of you when you are born!”

It was a moment I will never forget and every bit as special as I imagined it being.

I love you, my Handsome Boy!

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2 Responses to “Hello Baby, It’s Me – Your Big Brother!”

  1. marissa says:

    I think all 4 y.o boys think alike! Mine had the EXACT same questions about it being a boy, about how it pees and poops and when is it coming…. They are gorgeous and will be amazing big brother Be’H!

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