Anatomy Scan – What’s This All About?

Around 20 weeks an Anatomy Scan – or Level II Ultrasound – is recommended – about 2 weeks to go!

This is an amazing experience. This was Mr. Right’s first real view of Handsome Boy, since he didn’t come to most appointments. We actually got to take home a CD (for a small fee) of the entire thing. Amazing.

So what’s the point of it aside from a precious view of the baby?

This allows the tech and doctors to get a very detailed view of everything – growth, developement of each organ, checking flow in the umbilical cord, fluid levels, etc.

If a problem is found then there are times it could be treated either prenatally or immediately upon birth, which could significantly impact the health and well-being of the baby for life. Better to treat a problem early before it becomes severe and more difficult to treat. This also allows to doctors to note if a baby requires closer monitoring for whatever reason (low fluid levels, poor growth…) and do so for the remainder of the pregnancy to maximize the chances of a healthy baby.

If a problem is deemed to be incompatible to life then the parents have to face a horrible decision – either to abort or to carry the baby for as long as possible and allow the baby to pass naturally. (Horrible, horrible, horrible!)

Most of the time this scan is simply pure joy – expectant parents getting to see and bond with their baby before birth.

This is also when most people find out the sex of their baby if they want to find out in advance and if baby cooperates.

To find out or not to find out… that is the question!

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