Pregnancy Insomnia

Disclaimer: If I don’t make any sense, please excuse me for this post. It is 3:30am after all…

I’m laying awake here in bed next to Mr. Right. It’s the middle of the night and I’m exhausted, yet can’t sleep. If the usual pattern of late holds true, I have at least another hour or two of wakefulness…

I don’t remember having this when expecting Handsome Boy, but it may be one of those things I’ve blocked out or forgotten in my old age…

Top 3 reasons why I’ve been waking up lately:

3 – Some body part is aching, usually a hip or shoulder…but why can’t I fall back asleep once I change positions?!

2 – Little Pea is super active and partying in my belly…is that really what’s waking me? And as much as I love feeling those baby kicks and rolls, I do not enjoy staying up to feel them for 2 hours in the middle of the night…

1 – ?!?!

Is this prep for those middle of the night feedings? I think I’m prepared enough…now can I fall back asleep?

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One Response to Pregnancy Insomnia

  1. marsjanco says:

    i remember this all too well, but for me it started around 33-34 weeks. i didnt sleep til about 3am, then woke at 7 then fell back to sleep til 11… good times!

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