27 Weeks and Glucose Test!

27 Weeks! There’s some debate as to whether 27 weeks or 28 weeks is the third trimester. I’m going with 27 weeks, since that’s exactly the point of 3 months to go!

I had my glucose test today, will find out results on Mon morning at the latest. Really hoping I don’t need to do the 3 hour. Last time I was right on the border and needed to do it, most likely because I did the one hour non-fasting. This time I did the 1 hour fasting, so hopefully everything will be ok. Keep you fingers crossed for me!

Little Pea has been jumping around like crazy today – most likely from all that sugar this morning!

I discovered yesterday that I can pick up Little Pea’s heartbeat with a regular stethoscope – yay!

I also managed to get most of the yellowing out of Handsome Boy’s infant clothing 🙂 We used mostly gender neutral for him, so it’ll be good either way – no gender reveal here!

Next appointment is in 3 week and after that it will be every two! The end is in sight!

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One Response to 27 Weeks and Glucose Test!

  1. Mrs P says:

    I hope that all is ok for you with your GTT – I have to have one when I hit 28 weeks too :o( I look forward to your update x

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