30 Weeks!!!

Wow! The big 30!

Little Pea has been growing by leaps and bounds, judging from the growth of what Handsome Boy lovingly refers to as my “big fat belly with a cutie baby stuffed inside!” (Love that boy!)

I cannot believe I have gone 10 weeks without an ultrasound. I want to see my Little Pea again!! 

*Must ask doctor if I’m having any more scheduled ultrasounds later today at my appt*

Little Pea is super active and I love every roll, kick, and punch. Yes, even at 3AM when I’m trying to sleep and Little Pea is partying away. I just can’t help but smile at the miracle going on inside of me.

30!!! weeks!

~10 to go! Crazy!

Most of the gear we need for Little Pea (bouncy seat, swing, playmat/car seat/exasaucer/stroller…) has been pulled out of the garage (Mr. Right is awesome)/storage at parents/picked up from awesome friends who are done with theirs/purchased. We’re reusing most of the stuff we had from Handsome Boy but had to replace a few things – expired car seat, swing not quite working, playmat was returned to friend we borrowed from last time… We do need to put together the crib – that’s our next project!

I probably should take a new belly pic… maybe next time!

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