Extra Ultrasound

The good news is I’m getting an extra ultrasound.

The bad news is I’m getting an extra ultrasound.

Little Pea measured a little too small according to my OB today, so now I’m scheduled for a growth ulrasound for next week. (Measured 29 weeks at 30 weeks and 30 weeks at 32.5 weeks – so the gap is growing.)

Good and Bad… Good because I get another peak at Little Pea… Bad b/c I’m worried that Little Pea isn’t growing well…

Everything else looked good though – weight, BP, HR, movement…

Hopefully the trusty measuring tape wasn’t accurate and Little Pea is doing well. If not, then at least it was caught early and my OB can monitor growth more closely…

Very nervous about this!

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3 Responses to Extra Ultrasound

  1. Don’t worry too much about it! This same thing happened to us during the pregnancy #1…it actually happened THREE times! I would get excited to go to the doctor because I knew I’d get a peek at her because I was small! (Well I wasn’t small…..but that’s what they SAID lol) The VERY last ultrasound at 39 weeks they told me our baby hadn’t grown in 2 weeks and we would need to induce. Turned out she’d actually grown a half a lb in those 2 weeks, they just didn’t see it! She was perfect! No health problems to this date! Congratulations btw.

  2. meeeee says:

    Don’t worry.. am sure it doesnt mean anything except you might have a baby a little on the petite side. I was induced because of my DS being a little on the small side and as you know he is totally,totally perfect b’h 🙂

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