Less than 6 weeks to go!!!

Less than 6 weeks until my due date…when did that happen?!

All of sudden I feel as though Little Pea will be here any minute!

Full term in less than 3 weeks! I know, I know, Little Pea most likely won’t come until 40 weeks (or later), but just knowing it’s possible for it to happen sooner is SO exciting!

We have just about everything we need – just need get a pump, install the car seat, and build the crib. I guess we should buy some diapers too.

Handsome Boy is beyond excited. He keeps asking for an exact date. Then he tells me that he’s worried the baby will come when he’s at school and he won’t know the exact minute he became a big brother. He was ok when I told him we’d call the school so they could tell him, but he was seriously freaking out about it for a bit.

Dr. appt tomorrow!

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