Handsome Boy

Up until now Handsome Boy has been thrilled about becoming a big brother, but recently he started showing a little concern over the upcoming change in his life. I think it hit when he saw the crib all built in his room.

He climbed onto my lap and says, “Mommy, one child is better than two right? Because you have more time and kisses if there’s just one.”

Honestly, I was relieved he was expressing his concern because sometime he keeps things bottled up inside and I’d much rather talk these types of things through with him than have them fester.

So I explained to him, that yes, I may have less time when Little Pea is little and needs help for everything. I told him that he will always be one of the most important people in my life and I will set aside special time for him.

He was most relieved when I told him a mommy never runs out of kisses and a mommy’s heart just grows bigger and bigger when each new child is born. His eyes grew wide and he snuggled up against my chest and smiled as he shouted that my heart is getting louder, so it must be growing already.

I know as he approaches 5 that my days of snuggles and kisses with him may be nearing an end and the cootie phase can hit at any time. So I will keep treasuring those moments and will never limit the kisses I have.

It’s those moments that I now treasure the most from my own childhood. Not the toys, games, and parties – but the special little times. The trips to the ice cream store with a parent without my siblings. The late night cuddling in storms. The extra bedtime kisses. Those are the moment I remember most fondly from my childhood and I hope those are the moments my Handsome Boy will treasure forever too.

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2 Responses to Handsome Boy

  1. Mrs P says:

    I totally blame the pregnancy hormones but I welled up at reading the bit about Handsome Boy shouting that your heart is louder and therefore bigger already … !!!! That is just lush!

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