The Jump From One To Two


Going from 1 to 2 is hard!

So difficult to get Handsome Boy ready for school while taking care of Little Pea! Thank you Mr. Right for all that you do! I don’t think I could do it without you!

I honestly don’t know how anyone manages with a toddler at home with a newborn… I’m having trouble during the hour and a half I have alone with both kids morning and afternoon. I can’t imagine having both at home all day long… I have a newfound respect for those with kids close in age…

Little Pea is quite the eater. I’m betting she’s close to 7 1/2 lb now. She’s fitting into her newborn clothing, but 0-3 month is still huge on her. Nursing is great during the day, but some nights she had trouble latching, especially when I’m very full. I tried pumping for a minute before feeding her last night and it helped! Yay! I had been resorting to bottles, but I’d rather work with her on the nursing. Still not pain free on one side, but getting better…can’t wait till she eats more at once and starts going longer between feeds, so we can do stuff!

Looking forward to that first smile…I know it’s right around the corner!

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