Continuing the Journey

Our journey to add more peas to our pod continues!

Remember way back in March 2012? You know, when I blogged more regularly 🙂 Yes, back when we successfully conceived our little miracle through IVF 🙂 Well, we froze a few embryos at that time and after trying for some time on our own will now be moving onward in our infertility journey onto a FET.

I met with our RE yesterday. I brought Little Pea with, so he could finally meet her. (I’ve emailed pics and I brought her when she was a few months old when I donated my leftover meds, but he wasn’t in that day.) He first jokes about a no return policy and then gets down to business – when and how many to transfer and what will be involved.

Stay tuned because it’s happening really fast! If my cycle cooperate we’re looking at a transfer in about 4-6 week from now!

Fingers crossed that this works!

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