Seeing Red

Some light spotting last night followed by AF showing this morning has put a smile on my face.

Mr. Right says he has never seen me so happy to get AF!

What a wait this has been. I was seriously going to call my RE today to find out if I needed a medication or something to get AF started. So happy to avoid that and be able to get started already. 🙂

I go in tomorrow morning for baseline bloodwork and ultrasound. Will also get all of my FET instructions then and will need to pick up all the meds from the pharmacy. I know I’ll be using progesterone in oil this time time around, which I’m dreading – I hear it’s one of the worst of the injectibles… I was so happy to avoid that last time around since I used Crinone suppositories instead… plus I’m totally out of practice of sticking myself!

Excited and nervous, all at the same time…


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3 Responses to Seeing Red

  1. Definitely one of the few times you are happy to see AF. Hope all goes well tomorrow. Exciting times ahead.

  2. carolina647 says:

    How exciting! Fingers crossed

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