And So It Begins

Saw the IVF nurses today for baseline bloodwork and ultrasound. Everything looked good on ultrasound, bloodwork won’t be in until later.

We reviewed the plan and I headed off to the pharmacy to pick up the meds they orders a few weeks ago. I go back late next week for monitoring and will have a better estimate as to actual transfer date then, but it could be anywhere from June 2-13 depending on my response to the meds.

The plan for now:

Estradiol (oral) 3x/day

Doxycycline (oral) 2x/day

Baby Aspirin

Prenatal Vitamin

Once AF is over, the Estradiol changes to 2x oral and 1x vaginal. All other meds will remain the same until my next appt.

Fingers crossed that everything goes smoothly.

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