Injections and More Injections

Progesterone in Oil. From what I hear, it’s NOT fun.

I was very lucky with our fresh cycle and the protocol I was on did not involve any PIO. Instead, I used Crinone – a vaginal suppository. I did have to self inject many many times, but most were subQ, not IM.

I hear PIO is worse than most since it’s so thick.

Some tips I’ve been reading include:

– warm the progesterone bottle against your skin so that the oil will thin

– ice the injection site for about a minute

– after injecting, rub the area


My nurse put circles (actually smiley faces) on each side of my butt as targets so I would know exactly where to inject.

Been watching videos on how to inject it properly – hope they help, since Mr. Right has a serious fear of injecting me.

First injection – Sunday night!


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