Armed and Ready

I decided having 1 pregnancy test in the house was NOT acceptable, so picked up more. 4 more to be exact. I most likely would have gotten even more, but I bought out the dollar store and had enough restraint not to go to a second store.


Last time around I tested 7 days post 5dt. I’ll try to wait that long this time, but no promises.

Getting more anxious by the minute. Friday cannot come fast enough. I just want those embry-babies back inside of me where they belong.

Sticky thoughts…

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5 Responses to Armed and Ready

  1. Good luck. I promised myself I’d washout this time but I didn’t get past day 4 ha ha x

  2. Washout? ?? Blimmin phone text. Should have said wait lol x

  3. thetofubaby says:

    Waiting is so hard to do. Good luck to you!

  4. cardoor12 says:

    I was wondering what washout meant!!

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