When Do YOU Think I Should Test?

How long should I wait? I don’t want to test too early and get a false negative, but at the same time I’m so anxious to know…


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3 Responses to When Do YOU Think I Should Test?

  1. I would really avoid doing a home test. As much as you are dying to know try wait it out until the quantitative blood test results. The problem is that you can also get a false positive. We had that and it was heartbreaking. Home pregnancy test said yes we are pregnant but when we did the quantitative blood test a few days later the HCG level was too low for a viable pregnancy. It was devastating to go from an extreme high of thinking we were pregnant to such an extreme low of we were not.

    Whatever you decide to do I’m sending you tons of baby dust. Stick and grow little embies 😀 xxx

  2. If a false negative would stress you then I would wait for OTD x

  3. cardoor12 says:

    I would wait for the beta test. I made that pact with my fertility nurses and my husband and I am glad that I did. There is no point in adding an extra stress in there. The chance of a false positive is too high and too heart breaking.

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