3 days post transfer:

I waver between feeling sure this FET worked and feeling like there is no way it did. One minute I’m making plans as to where the babies will sleep and how to shuffle rooms and the next making plans for a pity party if this failed.

One minute planning on testing on day 5 post transfer and the next wanting to waiting until the morning of my beta so I can relish even the possibility of this working as long as possible.

Such conflicting emotions running through my mind.

I’m going through the motions, but wishing each day away so I will get closer to knowing.

Knowing either way.

So I can either jump for joy or wallow in self pity.

So I can plan for the future.

Either way.

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One Response to Uncertainty

  1. Elisha says:

    Oh I am a pee on a stick fool! I totally understand wanting to relish in the possibility as long as possible though. Xo

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