Feeling defeated

I tested. 6dp5dt (really 6dt, but it counts as 5). BFN. Not even a hint of anything, no chance of squinting to see a possible something. I feel so defeated.

Is it just too early?

Or did the transfer fail?

With Little Pea I waited until 8dp5dt (I think-but it may have been only 7) and got a BFP. No questions there.

Late implanter? Too early? Or failure.

We only have 1 embryo left.

My dreams of 4 kids may go unfulfilled. Will we at least get #3?!

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2 Responses to Feeling defeated

  1. cardoor12 says:

    With all the reading I have been doing (and another post I just commented on), I think that 6 days may be a touch early. “They” who ever they are say that it is common to get a BFP at 9 days … so there is still lots of hope! Hang in there 🙂

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