Day 10 and Not a Trace

Today is the day I will tell Mr. Right. I haven’t mentioned one word about these tests to him yet in case it was too early. I think I can safely assume this cycle was a bust at this point and now I need his support.

I’m so confused about what to do next. Another FET even though we only have 1 lonely little embryo left?

Or do another fresh cycle in hopes of having more embryos?

I’ve said in the past that I would consider another fresh cycle for #3, but not if we had 3 and were trying for #4. And we do have a chance still of having #3 via FET. But then I will never get my #4…and my heart hurts thinking about that.

What if another FET fails and we need to do a fresh cycle anyway… We would have wasted so much money on another FET… Can we even afford to do another fresh cycle?!?! The study we were in last time, which cut the cost nearly in half, has closed. I won’t qualify for any of the other studies my RE is currently doing. Another fresh cycle would be astronomical in terms of cost. Maybe skipping another FET would help us in terms of paying for another fresh cycle.

What if we can’t pay for another fresh cycle and FET #2 fails as well??

How will I deal with being mom of 2 when I have room in my heart for so much love for more?

Clearly Mr. Right and I have a lot to discuss.

Clearly my RE and I have a lot to discuss too.

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