Hanging On

I’m still here, just had nothing to write about and needed some time. AF came and went and thankfully was not that terrible despite all the “lining fluffing” from the meds.

We will not be doing another FET at this time. Instead we will be doing another fresh cycle. We want 2 more kids and only have 1 more embryo, so my RE feels it’s better to do a fresh cycle when I’m younger.

Of course that is much more pricey. Hoping a study he has applied for which would start in the fall will be approved and I will qualify, which will help offset some of the cost. I don’t qualify for any of the studies currently running. If we don’t qualify the cost will be even more astronomical, but we crunched the numbers and will give it one last try.

So now we wait again…

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2 Responses to Hanging On

  1. Oh man… hope you qualify for the study… Here in Hawaii i dont have that option.. I guess no studies here, people here just go to the beach or something LOL… I hope I dont need another fresh cycle… Hope yours goes ok and that you get prego on the fresh transfer this time!! xox

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