Guess What’s Arriving Today?

Can you guess?

That’s right!

My meds!

AND I suspect my super special monthly visitor will be here today or tomorrow as well.

Time to get to this party started!

Depending on well AF fully shows, I’ll see the nurses tomorrow or Monday. Assuming everything looks good, I will start stims right away. No birth control this time – he doesn’t want to suppress me too much.

Last time around we did 10 days of stims, then triggered. ER 2 days later and ET 5 days after that. Hoping it’s just as speedy this time with the same end result (x2) 🙂



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2 Responses to Guess What’s Arriving Today?

  1. Kate Buckley says:

    That’s awesome!! Mine get here today, too! I am dong BC, but have been on them for a couple weeks. I start my stims on the 31st, so it looks like we’re pretty close to being cycle buddies! Best of luck to you!

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