Finally Some Relief

I’m finally feeling a bit better. Recovery has been very, very rough and it’s going to take more time until I’m back to normal.

I’m so frustrated over this cycle for multiple reasons. I questioned the medication changes from my last fresh cycle and was never really given a good answer. I have a history of super responding to the meds, so feel the doses should have been lower to start with and I should have been monitored more frequently. There was definitely a lack of communication – on Tue morning I was told not to worry about the cycle being cancelled, I was told retrieval would be Fri/Sat/Sun. Then on Tue afternoon I get a call froma  nurse with trigger shot instructions for a Thur retrieval – what?! And was told then that there would be no transfer. I asked to speak to the Dr. and was told he’ll call within the hour only to have to page him after hours… He finally explained things to me a little better, but I’m still not happy with the poor communication throughout.

At the same time, it’s hard to be upset when we got great fertilization results. Another few days until we here how many make it to become frozen blasts, but still – an 87% fertilization rate is amazing!

I’m worried about FETs not working since the last one didn’t. Trust me, I’m gong to insist on him explaining what he will do to make sure it works…

It’s crazy what some of us have to do to our bodies just to have babies… but every single time I look at my miracles, I know in my heart that itwas all worth it… and hope it will be this time around too.

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