More to Freeze?

Day 5 call from embryology – 8 have made it to blast stage so far and were frozen. The remaining 16 will be grown out to day 6 and any more good quality blasts will be frozen. The remaining will be discarded.

So far we have:
– 1 day 6 blast from IVF 1
– 10 day 1 embryos from IVF 2
– 8 day 5 blasts from IVF 2
– 16 embryos hopefully growing more and becoming blasts… But we could lose them all…

Amazing how quickly the numbers dwindle…

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2 Responses to More to Freeze?

  1. It’s not about the quantity but about the quality of the embryos that matter. My fertility specialist always told me you need good quality embryos to make babies. Here is hoping your little ones are the best quality yet 😀

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