Morning Monitoring – FET #2

Ultrasound looked good, waiting on bloodwork, but we should be good to go for a FET!

The plan so far: Estradiol 3x/day, evening dose vaginally once AF ends.

The nurse explained the difference between using 2pns and blasts. (We currently have ten 2pn and 14 blasts.)

Our RE recommends thawing five 2pn embryos and growing those out to blast. Assuming at least 2 make it and look good, we will transfer those. If not, he can thaw blasts on the day of transfer. If more than 2 of the 2pn achieve blast state, then the extra can be refrozen. Using the 2pns is a way of seeing which are growing out stronger without having to survive a thaw at blast stage – this way the blasts we use will be “fresher.”

Makes a lot of sense to me, so this is how we will proceed!

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3 Responses to Morning Monitoring – FET #2

  1. Hey there – I’m on my first ivf cycle, and have been put on estradiol 2x/day. Is your 3rd estradiol pill vaginal? I’m curious what the reasoning is for that. My RE never mentioned such a thing.

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