One More Day Until Monitoring

One more day until I find out how my lining is doing and we hopefully schedule my FET date. I don’t usually have lining issues and I’m hoping this cycle is the same.

Something has been on my mind lately and since this is my place to vent, vent I will.

I belong to a few message boards, a place where others going through infertility and IVF can discuss, get support, get information, etc. Lately, I have found some of these boards to be very UNsupportive. Almost as if it’s a competition as to who has worse infertility. One board basically ignores or talks down to anyone who hasn’t gone through multiple IVF failures. 

What is that?! 

Infertility=pain. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been trying, how long you’ve been seeing an RE, how many IUIs, IVFs, or FETs you’ve done. Whether you did ICSI or not, whether you are lucky enough to have embryos frozen or not…

We should be there to support one another – that is the sole reason why these message boards exist. To have a support group, to find out which clinics have better rates, to find out about new or different protocols or studies, to have someone who understands. Not to bash each other and put each other down. 

Thankfully, I am a part of some very supportive groups – so to those of you who have been turned off from or turned away from “support” groups on these message boards – just know that there are some true support groups out there and don’t give up on finding one!

The only thing worse than going through infertility is going through it alone!

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4 Responses to One More Day Until Monitoring

  1. Aww, sorry some people made you feel that you. Always remember you are not alone! Good luck on your FET cycle =)

  2. sbear2014 says:

    Amen! Sorry you have had that experience. I believe you’re in the right place, though. I’m rooting for you, and will celebrate with you WHEN you get knocked up, no matter how quickly or long it takes! 😉

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