All 3 made it to freeze! That means that out of the five 2pns we thawed, 2 made it to transfer and 3 to freeze! Crazy stuff! Hopefully a sign of more good to come!

Status of our embryos:

  • 2 inside of me
  • Five 2pns (day 1) frozen
  • 17 blasts frozen
    • 1 from IVF #1
    • 13 from IVF #2 frozen at blast
    • 3 from IVF #2 thawed at 2pn and grown out to blast for FET
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9 Responses to Frozen!

  1. I’m rooting for you!!

    Can you educate me a little…? My RE gave me the talk today about our first ever ivf cycle, so this is all super new territory. I’ve done 14 IUIs in the last ~3 years but never ivf until now. I’m 34 and doc tells me they only transfer 1 embryo at a time for my age category. Is it common that a single cycle will include a retrieval and a transfer, or is it often spread over two cycles? Thanks in advance!

    • peas4ourpod says:

      Usually you do a transfer the same cycle as a retrieval. I overstimmed, so my transfer was cancelled for my last fresh cycle or I could have gotten really sick. My doctor is very aggressive, so does transfer two, but many doctors prefer 1 to reduce the risk of multiples. We were willing to take that chance.

  2. I didn’t see any posts about retrieval this cycle. Did you just have a transfer this cycle, from a prior cycle’s retrieval?

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