Holding Pattern

It’s been a while since I had any bleeding. First bleed was at 5w5d, second was at 6w2d.

I’m still on bedrest even through I’m not actively bleeding, since the subchorionic bleed is measuring larger on ultrasound.

Snap Pea (the baby) is doing well with a heartbeat in the 120s at my last ultrasound at 7w2d.

Handsome Boy and Little Pea are adjusting to life with me out of commission. We are figuring out how to manage with the help of family and friends.

My RE is predicting at least 2 more weeks of this, maybe more. It could go on throughout the entire first trimester.

Still on all the meds and will be until 12 weeks.

Here is a picture of Snap Pea. The round circle is the yolk sac, the blob to the right of that is Snap Pea. The dark area in the bottom, left corner is the SCH.


Hoping for good news next week at my next appt.

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  1. Thinking of you lots! Xx

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