Sequential Screen

12 Week (and 2 days) update:

No weight gain to date – weird for me, but baby is measuring on target 🙂

No baby bump to speak of yet.

Measurements all looked great on ultrasound!

A little disappointed the tech wouldn’t even look for gender, since we found out this early with the other 2, but she was adamant it was way too early 😦

Thrilled with how the baby looked! Lots of movement and (s)he kept waving a hand!

I cannot believe I won’t get another look for 8 more weeks!!

Recommendations for an at home doppler? Never had one with the other 2, but really want one now!

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One Response to Sequential Screen

  1. mindyminix says:

    C.L. over at Stop Telling Me To Relax has a doppler and tried a couple different types I think. You might ask her for suggestions!

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